Güssing Castle was initially built in the 12th century as a wooden fortification, which was subsequently replaced by a stone fortress. The castle was owned by the Batthyány family in the 16th and 17th centuries and they turned it into a mighty fortress to fend off the Hungarians. Visitors take the Clusiusweg, named after the famous botanist, from the village to reach the castle on foot.

The castle museum incorporates the ancestral hall and knights’ hall, the curiosities cabinet, the armoury and the Clusius Room. The castle chapel, with the splendid Neo-Gothic high altar, is also of particular interest. In addition to being a popular attraction, the castle is now also an exhibition venue and the place where the “Burgspiele Güssing”, or castle plays, are staged in summer.

The spectacular castle facing up to get a serpentine steep paved road. They can use the comfortable hillside built modern cable car. The mountain plateau lying plateau for several bastions castle gate we get in between. The airy courtyard stands opposite the main gate of the castle inner core, the actual palace. Right on the edge of the plateau is an extremely high-quality restaurants are grander view.

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