Őrség region

A land of gentle hills, rivers and streams, pine forests and alder groves, peat bogs and marshlands, butterflies and dragonflies, and the beautiful meandering River Rába… There are pretty villages with traditional timber-framed, whitewashed peasant houses, thatched wooden belfries, fruit orchards…

The climate is sub-Alpine, and damper than most of Hungary, but the welcome to visitors is unmistakably warm. And not only the hospitality of the people of Őrség, but the mild hilly landscape, beautiful wild flowers and singing birds welcome visitors.

Did you know…
• 63% of the Őrség is covered with forest, 3 ? times the Hungarian average?
• The so-called „szeres” form of the villages is unique to settlements in this area?
• The Őrség has been continually inhabited since the Magyar Conquest, earning it the distinction of being Hungary’s oldest inhabited areas?

Visitor and education centres:
Harmatfű (Moor Grass) Nature Conservation Study Centre
(Őriszentpéter, Siskaszer 26/A, Tel.: 94/548-034) – lectures and exhibitions about the treasures of the National Park. Open: all year Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Reservation is recommended for groups!

Nature trails:
Felsőszer Nature Trail (1.7 km) (Szalafő) – gives an insight into the unique traditional folk architecture of Őrség.

Fürge csele (Common Minnow) Nature Trail (3.2 km) (Kercaszomor) – presenting the wildlife of Kerca Stream and surrounding areas.

Rezgőnyár (Quaking Aspen) Nature Trail (300 m)(Őriszentpéter) – presenting the flora and fauna of the National Park and the habitat of the so-called “tókák”.

Sárgaliliom (Yellow Lilly) Nature Trail (6.2 km) from Velemér to Magyarszombatfa, passing through the less frequented Belső-Őrség and displaying its less well-known natural and cultural treasures.

Nature Trail at Szala (3.8 km) (Szalafő-Őriszentpéter) – a real field exercise to get to know the flora and fauna of the Szala area.

Szomoróczi Nature Trail (3 km)(Kercaszomor) – a nature trail finishing on the Hungarian-Slovenian border introducing the past, present and cultural heritage of Kercaszomor; suitable for hikers and cyclists.

Töllös Nature Trail (2.8 km) from Szentgyörgyvölgy to Magyarföld – presenting the beautiful world of a selection forest.
Free access or guided tours available.


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