Directly along the Austrian border, near the Slovenian border in the south-western corner of the county, the Raba and the Lapincs confluence. Thanks to the eastern extension of the Alps subalpine climate of nature. The Schengen Convention of the accession of road and rail border crossing station. Szentgotthárd center of the Slovenian minority in Hungary. Slovenia operates a consulate in the city.
Near the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovenian border state is a three-nation’s culture, traditions and uniting people of the town. Guarding the city to the south of the National Park to the west. For decades the Iron Curtain blocked to visitors, but the isolation has helped to preserve the untouched beauty of nature.
The Raba Valley, Hársas lake, Vendvidék, guard the forests, but here, the typical scattered settlements, more and more guests are attracted to the city and its surroundings.

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